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【Access From Kyoto station】


1.Take No.5 bus from Kyoto station bus terminal(A1) and get off at "Kitashirakawa Bettocho(北白川別当町)".

      (It takes about 30 minutes, takes more if the roard is busy)

2.Walk to north about 80M along (2 minutes) the "Shirakawa Street(白川通り)".

3.Turn right to the east at first traffic light. (You can see the bakery "DONQ" on your left-hand side)

4.Go straight and after a while, the street splits and take the path to the right.

5.keep walking and then the street splits again and take the path to the left.

6.You can see my log house "RACINE HOME" on the right-hand side. 
(About 210M from the traffic light to my log house)



Please ask taxi drive as following ; 

[Kitashirakawa- dori, Betto-cho agaru, Please turn right at the traffic light at bakely shop "DONQ". ]

[Then, go up the winding road 50M from "DONQ", and take the pasth to the left at the forked road. ] 

or print out the Japanese page. 



Smoking and shoes strictly prohibited! No smoking even outside.
Not to be noisy because it's residential area.

Turn off TV and light after 23 p.m.